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Mike and I have been married for 10 years now, and luckily we still like each other! We've been together for over 15 years and we've spent it traveling, backpacking, climbing, skiing, triathloning, marathoning, sailing, eating, and going on as many adventures as possible. We now have two beautiful boys, Sam & Charlie, and we couldn't be more excited about seeing a whole new world through their eyes in the years to come!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blommer's 2012 Year in Review (1st Quarter)

As usual, I've blogged like once this year, which means that now I'm going to have to spend hours and hours going through all the pics Mike took this year and posting them.  I love doing this to have a record of our family as we grow, but I HATE that I procrastinate and it takes soooo long.  Oh well, it's always worth having it all documented because let's be honest, I'm not a scrapbooker (wish I was that organized/on the ball/awesome, but I'm not).  Since we have like a million pics, I've decided to split this in to four posts, one per quarter.  Here's the first:

Mike, my dad, and Max kicked off the year with a hike to Frary Peak on Antelope Island.  Mike's pics actually make it look kind of pretty, don't you think?  Mike has been doing a ton of running and biking out on Antelope Island, and he swears that when the bugs die down enough that you can see through them, it's actually beautiful!

Mike took random pics of our adorable kids:

 The 3 pics above are of Sam and I making something in the blender, while Charlie helped from his jumper.  Sam always used to freak out about the sound of the blender.  So crazy how much these kids have changed from these pics in January until now in December when I'm writing this post!

Here's Sam trying to figure out Angry Birds on the Nook we got for Christmas.  He's now an expert at it!

Cute Charlie with that Jack-Jack puff of hair on top of his head.

I love this pic of Mike sharing his cereal with both boys. 
OMG, look at that chub!

Sam's 3rd Birthday Party at Chucky Cheese:

Mike, Jeff, and Cameron climbed Mt. Nebo's south summit:

Mike and Colin went skiing in Big Cottonwood:

Sam went skiing for the first time!  We took him to Alta, and he was so excited until we got there and got his skis on.  At that point all he wanted to do was go get hot chocolate.  With a lot of coaxing, we got him excited about going down the hill though, which I think he did twice.  He kept doing this thing where he didn't use his legs at all.   We'd stand him up and he'd let his legs go completely limp like he'd forgotten how to use them as soon as the skis were attached.  It was frustrating, but pretty funny too.  It was a three hour adventure that led to a total of maybe 30 seconds of him skiing, but you have to start somewhere, right?  Overall he enjoyed it though and said he wanted to go again.  Unfortunately, he fell asleep in the car before we could get him to his hot chocolate.

Grandma Judy came to visit, and Sam helped her make her famous, homemade, apple pie.  I don't even like apple pie and I think it's amazing!  As you can tell, Sam loves his great Grandma Judy very much and had a blast.

We prepared for Mustache March by going from exhibit A to exhibit B.  Yes, my husband is a creeper who takes self portraits in our unfinished basement with a full professional lighting set up.  So strange.

We made tent forts in the living room.  Actually, I think we do this about once per week, but this might be the only time we took pics of it:

Randoms from February:

We went to the model train expo in Ogden at Union Station with Lynn, Marlena, Erik, and Haydoen.  Not many pics of the trains here, but they were amazing, and Sam loved it!  Charlie mostly liked the people-watching.

Some mustache March tree skiing with Jeff and Cameron:

Sam's second time skiing at Solitude.  The second time skiing with Sam was big improvement over the first in that instead of only 30 seconds of actual ski time, we got about 5-6 minutes!  The best part was that we found out Solitude has a day care!  So we dished out $15 and had an entire hour to ski by ourselves.  It was awesome, and Sam had much more fun in the daycare than he did out on the slopes! 
There's that awful mustache again. So unfortunate that our anniversary and my birthday are in March when Mike always has a giant mustache. I hate that thing showing up at those nice occasions :)

Jeff, Todd, Colin, Andrew, and Mike spent their annual long weekend at the Bloomington Yurt skiing.  As you can see it was also a mustache themed event.  Poor Todd didn't have one so they  made him a fake one out of who knows what.  There was also apparently a mustache model photoshoot with Jeff at the model.  Believe me, it was hard to narrow it down to what I chose.  There were definitely some gems from that shoot.

We took a trip to Vegas in March for my 30th birthday!  Mike and I went to see Cirque du Soleil's LOVE one of the nights to celebrate my birthday.  If you haven't seen it we highly recommend it.  It is 100% worth the money.

These first few are just us playing at a park on the way down, but they were so cute of the kids that I had to post them.

The pics above are at the huge kid land thing at Circus Circus.  Sam had a blast there, except on the train.  He was terrified and I think it made him sick.  Poor kid was clinging on for dear life, and he had to go alone because parents weren't allowed on.
The pics below are of Mike taking the kids hiking in Red Rock with my dad while my mom and I went to lunch and I got a pedicure!  I love that setting Charlie down on a blanket in the middle of the trail and giving him two rocks is such a perfect representation of Mike's version of babysitting :)

Charlie trying out the hotel bed.

Sam loved the pool and pretty much begged to go to it or to the top of the Stratosphere Tower (that's where we stayed) every minute.