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Mike and I have been married for 10 years now, and luckily we still like each other! We've been together for over 15 years and we've spent it traveling, backpacking, climbing, skiing, triathloning, marathoning, sailing, eating, and going on as many adventures as possible. We now have two beautiful boys, Sam & Charlie, and we couldn't be more excited about seeing a whole new world through their eyes in the years to come!

Friday, June 19, 2009

You're Invited - Annual Blommer 4th of July Backpacking Trip

The 4th of July is fast approaching, and for those of you who know the Blommers well, you know this means we're gearing up for our annual 4th of July trip! You also know that EVERYONE is invited on this trip. That's right! This is the one trip of the year that my crazy, mountaineer of a husband is willing to make easy enough that others will enjoy it (except that one year where we went over 40 miles in 4 days in the Wind Rivers and two of us cried, yes us meaning me, I was one of the two).

Because we have a kid, and we haven't exactly figured out how to backpack with the kid yet, we're making this one of the easiest trips ever! We're heading up to the Uintas near Mt. Baldy to Wall Lake, which Mike tells me is only a one mile hike in. Due to the short hike, Dave has promised to carry in a dutch oven, so we will be eating well, and I can't wait. I also received a four man tent for Mother's Day that Mike has graciously offered to carry in on all our family backpack trips now that we have a baby. Between the dutch oven and the massive tent, I'll practically feel like I'm staying in a four star hotel (but without bathrooms)!!

Anyway, I meant what I said about everyone being invited. If you're reading this right now you're invited, so if you're interested please email me and let me know, and I'll send you the details. If you're not sure about coming, here are a million pictures to show you what a blast we've had on past trips!


Kim Sue Ellen said...

BREATHTAKING photos...oh looks like bliss!

Susie said...

Holy crap..award for the most pics in one post. Although I really enjoyed ALL of them. Especially the one of brooke...man that girl used to make me laugh. Anyway that really does sound like a blast and one year I really do want to come...but this year I think we are headed to OH or bear lake:)

Brew 2 said...

Wow. I feel so invited! I would love to come...but, for obvious reasons, we will not be there. Have fun.

Whitmer Family said...

We might be in. I mean if you really meant that people with two kids were invited. I'll talk it over with Jeff

Jason said...

Katy - Me and my wife did that trail a few years ago, and it was beautiful. Wish we could join you, it sounds like a good time.

Whitney said...

Awwww man! We want to go so bad! But how do people really manage when they have two kids and one rides in a pack? We would love to go camping with you sometime soon though - those pics are beautiful!