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Mike and I have been married for 10 years now, and luckily we still like each other! We've been together for over 15 years and we've spent it traveling, backpacking, climbing, skiing, triathloning, marathoning, sailing, eating, and going on as many adventures as possible. We now have two beautiful boys, Sam & Charlie, and we couldn't be more excited about seeing a whole new world through their eyes in the years to come!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Why My Husband Is Cooler Than Your Husband - Installment #1

For some background info on this new blog series go here: http://mikeandkaty.blogspot.com/2009/06/precursor-to-my-new-blog-series.html

My husband is cool because he climbed Denali (a.k.a. Mt. McKinley) last year, but he's cooler than your husband because in preparation for the trip (mostly because he was so excited about his new mountain climbing marshmallow suit) he took these self portraits in our basement:

Who does this? Aren't these the best self portraits ever!! Well, actually they're not, because he has some even better ones coming up in future installments of this series, but I thought these were some good ones to get you all warmed up for what's to come!

I do think it's pretty amazing that he climbed this mountain though. At 20,320 feet, it's the highest mountain in North America. It took his group 14 days to get to the top, which is really fast because the fastest the guided groups will allow you to do it is 13 days.

He said that overall the trip was beautiful, but mostly miserable. The highlights included terrible food, catching a cold on day 2 of the trip, waking up in the night not being able to breathe due to the high altitude, and 12 guys pooping in the same coffee can the entire trip. Sounds awesome huh!

I couldn't let Mike take a trip to Alaska without me, so I flew out with him for the first week, and we hung out to see the beautiful mountains before he headed up to start his trip. Denali National Park is incredible, and I highly recommend it to anyone going to Alaska. We saw lots of Grizzly Bears, and so much other wildlife that it was like a safari! Here are some pics from the trip:

This is Mike's climbing partner, Todd.

Here we are looking awesome!

This is a lynx! The driver said he only sees one or two of these a year, so we were really lucky!

This bear actually touched our bus!


Keira and Nate said...

you guys are so adventurous!!! I'm jealous! WAY TO GO MIKE!

Angie said...

Sweet pics!

Tay and Jen said...

Way impressive wildlife pic's! Who's the photographer? You are definitely an outdoors family! Love it! I always thought it would be awesome to hike to the tallest peak in the world...until I realized what it would take to actually get there. I quickly changed my mind. I think I'll stick to running...and swimming.

Susie said...

are those pants pink? if so....he will be cooler.

Kristin Burke Sevinc said...

That's hilarious.. That second photo looks like those old tin portraits they use to make of soldiers going off to war! :O)

nea said...

Wow Mike! Those are some pretty awesome self-portraits!!!!! I laughed soooooo hard!!!!! Seriously, you are one crazy guy!!! I admire your perserverance and sense of adventure! We're looking forward to seeing you guys up at Bear Lake! (fyi Katy: the water is COLD- get ready!!!) I'm wishing my wet-suit had sleeves right now! Hope all is well! How's Sam? See ya guys SOON!!!!