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Mike and I have been married for 10 years now, and luckily we still like each other! We've been together for over 15 years and we've spent it traveling, backpacking, climbing, skiing, triathloning, marathoning, sailing, eating, and going on as many adventures as possible. We now have two beautiful boys, Sam & Charlie, and we couldn't be more excited about seeing a whole new world through their eyes in the years to come!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CHS Class of 2000 10 Year Reunion - Tickets on Sale Now!

Our 10 year reunion is set for June 5th at Noah's reception center in South Jordan.

Buy tickets early (before May 22nd) and save $10.

Early Ticket Price = $50 per pair (two tickets), $28 per individual ticket

Click here to buy tickets:

Make sure to save your confirmation number as you'll use it to get in.

We have an open air space on the top floor of Noah's, which is BEAUTIFUL!!! Click here to see pics of Noah's:


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Amanda said...

Hey Katy! Thanks for the invite to the reunion, I'm checking dates with my husband to see if I need 2 tickets or one. Your little one is adorable too! And anyone who has the motivation to run like you do amazes me. I'd rather pull my eyelashes out one by one than run for 16 miles. You're amazing.

Jen Chapman Kent said...

Hey! So fun to see you on Saturday. You guys did a good job. I wondered if I might be annoying and ask for the pics taken w/ my friends and hubbie. I didn't have my camera and those are the only pics I have from the night and you know me... love to document. ;) Well, let me know would ya. Thanks Katy!